October 10, 2010

Tips for design untensils cabinets in wood, drawings, and models of galley

If you are a fan of bespoke furniture and love to design your own furniture, here are some tips that you would like to know when designing a wardrobe custom and a closet. Also, as you already know, in wood and wardrobe Cabinet looks better.
Design your wardrobe according to your needs. If you wear clothes that are intended to be hung, and then gets more negative space instead of shelves.
Design in a combination of falling, rails drops short, drawers and shelves.
Analyze suites you the most.
If you have a wide variety of foot wear, can get more shelves at the bottom of the wardrobe so it accommodate your shoes.
If you wear long boots as cowboy boots or other boots then design the foot wear shelves accordingly never forget to have practical drawers for storage. They can be very useful when you place your socks, underwear, etc.
If you are looking for a sliding door wardrobe, make sure that you match the Interior segments and number of sliding doors. For example, if you have 4 doors you will would 3 segments to ensure an easy opening.
Always check the slider mechanism to work correctly.
A piece of advice, doors sliding are more fantasies, but can be a headache if they do not work. Give with a counter, a space of surrounding soil to suspend jackets otherwise they will be picking up the dust of mouth.Never cover garments and the shelves with a walk-in closet doors rails as smaller taille.Si you have less space, and avoids the doors and keep them open but he regularly dust.

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